Occhio – Philosophy

Axel, Axel, Axel The culture of light – Occhio is not selling light, but light culture.

Because light is more than just illumination.

Light has the ability change rooms, feelings and our quality of life.

Occhio is one of the most innovative and independent companies in the lighting industry. Founded by Axel Meise in 1999, the Occhio concept is as simple as it is revolutionary: we develop integral, multifunctional lighting systems, based on our conviction that good lighting translates to a good quality of life. Consistent in design and light quality, Occhio connects spaces and makes it possible to fill buildings with entire light designs of the highest quality.

Concentrating on a single idea and system produces a unique level of detail and depth of production quality. What drives us is our desire to offer the perfect solution for every spatial situation and requirement. In a new way every day.

Based in Munich, Occhio now employs more than 100 people. Its products are distributed all over Europe through specialist luminaire retailers as well as in the company’s own flagship stores in Munich and Cologne.


Last modified: Tuesday, 25 August 2020, 2:08 PM