Occhio – History

The idea that gave rise to Occhio

In the 1980s, before he began marketing his own luminaire series, Axel Meise was already involved in planning and selling light and luminaires for premium specialist retailers. He came to realise that too much importance was attached to the luminaire compared with the light itself, i.e. the emphasis was on the design. He also realised that a customer wishing to illuminate entire rooms had to choose from several different product ranges made by different manufacturers, each of whom used different types of luminaires and light sources. At that time, there was no such thing on the market as a consistent lighting system.

Axel Meise was by now captivated by the idea of a comprehensive »lighting tool«. The first sketches towards a modular lighting system that would provide the initial spark in the creation of Occhio were committed to paper in the 1990s.
The basic evolutionary idea behind the Occhio system is as simple as it is ingenious. Different illuminants can be combined with a series of exchangeable reflector heads to offer the user virtually inexhaustible possibilities for creating light designs, both in domestic surroundings and in public spaces.

Occhio continues to develop its lighting system under the banner of »light is evolution«, to enable it to offer the perfect solution to suit any room. The modular and flexible nature of Occhio products make it possible for people to create exactly the right lighting for their personal living space.


Occhio Product History



The first lighting system from Occhio (as yet still known as Axel Meise Licht, or AML) is launched onto the market: the Puro lends itself to individual combination, thanks to its body head system


The body head system range expands with the addition of the Sento; it will remain the most successful Occhio luminaire series for years to come.


In 2009, the Divo makes Occhio 2009 more decorative than ever while remaining true to the system concept that is so important to us.

The first decorative luminaire system with exchangeable reflectors, for perfect light with flexibility.


Più is the first consistent recess and surface mounting spotlight system on the market.

Another special feature is the choice of different light sources - halogen, CDM or LED with CRI 95. It is also the first LED with interchangeable LEDs.


... this is the year that Occhio enters the third dimension.

io is not only the first luminaire to feature free three-dimensional movability on the basis of 3D kinematics, but it is also the first luminaire series with »touchless control« that allows control of the luminaire using a simple gesture!


Occhio’s year of innovation:

Sento LED – the classic design revised in LED form, with innovative features such as »touchless control« and »up/down fading«

lei – the first shade luminaire with variable radiance, based on an adjustable iris mechanism

lui – the first spotlight system based on the principle of exchangeable lenses and filters, as used in photography


Sento sospeso completes the Sento series and presents itself with a unique, magic adjustable height mechanism


The year of technology!

Più now appears with innovative VOLT technology, which allows LEDs to be connected directly to a 230V power source.

Occhio air - a comprehensive Bluetooth-based control system adds a new dimension to Occhio luminaire controllers.

Più RS - room spotlight - an entirely new category of luminaires


Mito – the most successful Occhio series ever that even ousts Sento from its throne

NCM – our new colours and materials add new tones to our familiar models

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